VILE: Vatican Illuminati Lies Exposed

VILE: Vatican Illuminati Lies Exposed
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

As The Bombs Fall, Libyan Death Squads Rise To The Occasion

OKLAHOMA CITY – As chaos ensues in Libya today amidst the NATO and U.S.-led destabilization campaign that is being waged to help prop up President Obama’s plummeting poll numbers, I am reminded of a story we linked here at Red Dirt Report where it predicted “20 years of war in Libya.”
Alarming? Yes! And while the U.S. won’t be the leader, notes the article, Western European forces will take the lead and suck Libya dry, while sending the message to other African nations – look out, or you could be next.
It sounds so, neo-colonial. Some things never change, I reckon.
Obama had promised us that this war … errr … “kinetic military action” … was to help liberate and free an oppressed people who were living under the boot of brutal dictator Muammar Gadhafi. It would take days, maybe weeks, not the more than four months that we have been engaged in a “non-war.”
As U.S. Rep. John Sullivan (R-Tulsa) told Red Dirt Report back in late March, he found it sadly ironic that Obama, the so-called “anti-war candidate” back in ’08 and a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize was engaged in “humanitarian bombing” of Libya without consent of Congress.
“(Obama) needs to let the American people know what we are doing and explain the national security threat that Libya presents,” Sullivan said at the time.
And when Congress threatened to defund the U.S. war efforts against Libya, Obama was reportedly “angered” that his dictatorial ways are being questioned, as we noted in our June 23, 2011 article “Peace Prize?!? Obama drags out the wars.”
And yet Obama refused to explain our strategy in Libya, a “non-war” which became a bloodbath and unpredictable, Islamic “rebels” are poised to clinch control in Tripoli. Of course NATO was taking the lead on the “kinetic military action” and Obama promised “no boots will be on the ground.”
While there were no soldiers on the ground, at least publicly, reports of Western troops on Libyan soil did leak out. At least NATO officials are now admitting that they are “arming, training Libyan rebels.” We are so relieved!
And on the ground in Tripoli and other areas of Libya, independent journalists –doing their best to avoid being carpet-bombed by Western warplanes – are getting the word out on what they are observing.
One reporter, Thierry Meyssan, has reported that “NATO helicopters strafed civilians in the streets with machine guns to clear the way for the (Al Qaeda) jihadis.”
And all the while, there is talk of awarding Obama a SECOND Nobel Peace Prize. Orwell was right. War is peace!
Is there a TV-ready “Potemkin Village” in Qatar as mentioned by political analyst Webster Griffin Tarpley? Is a “Wag the Dog” scenario playing out before our eyes? We are not being told the whole story on what is currently taking place in Libya. What we do know, from Tarpley’s website, is that Al Qaeda death squads are running amok in Tripoli. And yet Obama kicks back on Martha’s Vineyard, licking ice-cream cones and reading books about Louisiana porn kings. Classy!
Paul Joseph Watson, reporter at, wrote in a shocking piece headlined “NATO hands terrorists who killed U.S. troops control of Libya,” Al-Qaeda-backed rebels “are now being handed control of an entire country, along with its lucrative resources,” amidst the “massive NATO bombardment of Tripoli.”
And now, as reported today in National Journal, Obama is being seen as “leading from behind,” as being weak and noting that Libya did not pose a threat.
Yet, the war in Libya is being spun as a positive and that the perceived success of “Operation Odyssey Dawn” (or is it now “Mermaid Dawn” or “Operation Siren”?) is leading to Gadhafi’s downfall.
Said Tom Malinowski of Human Rights Watch: “It minimized the administration’s exposure to criticism at home in a time of austerity.”
Don’t want to criticize that unabashed peacemonger, Barry Obama. Way to promote peace and human rights there, Mr. Malinowski.
And once again, a predominantly Muslim nation is engaged in a bloody battle to determine its destiny. The Western media is crowing that another Arab tyrant has been overthrown (or has he?) and Obama is about to reap the benefits of this horrific bloodbath.
And have you read the draft of Libya’s Constitutional Charter? Well, say what you will about Gadhafi, but he didn’t force women to wear burkas or force the citizenry to follow all tenets of Islam. But with the new constitution, still in its draft stage, “Islam is the Religion of the State and the principal source of legislation is Islamic Jurisprudence (Sharia).” Good luck with that!
It should be noted before Libya descended into bloody chaos, no thanks to NATO and U.S. meddling, it had the highest human development index, the lowest infant mortality and the highest life expectancy in all of Africa.
The Vietnam War-era phrase “It became necessary to destroy the town to save it” comes to mind.
Meanwhile, Gadhafi is missing, although there are reports that he has been cornered, as NATO choppers out Libyan gold. And another report says “Libya rebels enter Gaddafi house.” What to believe? Simply more psy-ops from the military-media-industrial complex.
Fortunately, there are independent media sources out there that are helping get the real news to folks hungry for the truth.
“Get used to a period of prolonged warfare and fake news reports,” Tarpley told Alex Jones today on his radio show.
“This is a humanitarian disaster of gigantic proportions,” added Jones.