VILE: Vatican Illuminati Lies Exposed

VILE: Vatican Illuminati Lies Exposed
Exposing the Vatican Illuminati Globalist conspiracy to bring about a totalitarian fascist new world order in order to enslave humanity.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Did momentum traders who sold Silver to buy Gold buy themselves a bag of worms?

Gold trending down fast! Silver on it's way up up & awaaaay!

Gold is sliding – after having popped – and touching $1800 on an intraday basis. As it’s backing up, Silver appears to be holding pretty strong. Was the whole recent episode of Gold outperforming Silver just a mirage as it appears now that perhaps Silver was just taking a break to catch its breath before rocketing higher and leaving Gold in the dust. Traders who traded out Silver and into Gold may be reversing that trade; essentially going nowhere fast – but eating up a lot of cash in commissions.

“If Silver skyrockets from here, leaving Gold
behind, I’m going to laugh my furry
little ass off.”