VILE: Vatican Illuminati Lies Exposed

VILE: Vatican Illuminati Lies Exposed
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Manufacturing Opposition: How America Supports Our So-Called Enemies

To some people, the concept of “full spectrum dominance” is completely foreign. To the upper echelons of the government of the United States, it is a tactic utilized on a regular basis.
Full spectrum dominance is achieved through controlling the groups and individuals that are the supposed enemies of the government through infiltration and/or funding.
A new military report reveals how this practice still occurs in the Middle East, just like in the Soviet-Afghan war in which we armed, funded, trained, and assisted the likes of Osama bin Laden and others who have grown to become known as the Taliban and even the ghost-group al Qaeda.
Of course the mainstream corporate media who unquestioningly supports the corrupt government of the United States and their international imperialist adventures has simply chalked this up to mismanagement.
They act as if the $360 million funneled to Taliban insurgents and other criminals in Afghanistan was simply “lost” and not intentionally handed out to those who received it.
If this were true, we would have to assume that there is absolutely no research done into where the contracts are going and in what hands our taxpayer dollars will end up.
The investigation was started last year b y General David Petraeus, former commander of the allied forces in Afghanistan and current Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.
Before this investigation began, the American-led coalition allegedly had “little visibility” into connections between Afghan companies, their subcontractors, and the Taliban and other criminals.
If we are to accept this, we have to ignore the surveillance and investigative activity of the Central Intelligence Agency along with military intelligence. They would have to be painfully incompetent or outright delinquent in their responsibilities if this was the case.
According to an AP report, the $360 million were given to our supposed opposition through a process called “reverse money laundering” in which American taxpayer dollars are given to contractors hired by the military who just happen to be “businesses and individuals with ties to the insurgency or criminal networks.”
When people in the United States are arrested for making donations to charities that are allegedly tied to terrorist groups with little evidence to support it and people with loose ties to terrorism (or no ties at all) are thrown on planes to Guantanamo Bay on a regular basis, how can our behemoth intelligence network miss such direct ties?
I, for one, am not prepared to think that they could be so incredibly incompetent only when it comes to investigating to whom our contracts go in Afghanistan. I find this quite hard to believe given the size and sophistication of the international intelligence community and its presence in the Middle East.
Take, for instance, Enaam M. Arnaout, a Syrian-American who was accused of supporting terrorism and al Qaeda specifically through his charity Benevolence International Foundation.
The government acknowledged that Arnaout and Benevolence International Foundation never acted contrary to the interests of the United States, nor had any ties to Osama bin Laden, or even al Qaeda.
Arnaout diverted $300,000-400,000 of funds raised by BIF (out of roughly $20,000,000 in total funds raised by the charity) to Bosnian fighters to buy uniforms, boots, tents, and an ambulance without the foreknowledge of the donors.
Arnaout plead guilty to racketeering but as a part of the agreement the prosecution had to recognize that they never acted contrary to American interests and never had ties to bin Laden or al Qaeda. In exchange he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.
If someone who, by the government’s own admission, never actually had ties to al Qaeda and never acted contrary to United States interests could be so easily discovered, prosecuted, sentenced, and his charity internationally banned by the UN, how could the government miss $360 million in funds diverted to our so-called enemies?
If our intelligence community back in 2002 and earlier could track down a measly $300,000-400,000 in charitable funds, how could they allow $360 million over many years to go unchecked?
Well, they couldn’t. Clearly they allowed this to happen just like they allowed the money to “disappear” from Iraqi reconstruction funds.
To make matters worse for the government and their attempts to make this seem like a mere accident, more than half of the $360 million in taxpayer dollars went through a single contractor!
If you can honestly contend that the United States intelligence apparatus is not capable of thoroughly investigating even one contractor in Afghanistan I have a glacier in Antarctica to sell you.
One of the documents obtained by AP hilariously claims that the “Funds begin as clean monies” as if robbing the American people to murder civilians and conduct imperialistic crusades throughout the middle east produced “clean monies.”
That being said, military officials are already attempting to mitigate the fallout of the study’s conclusions by claiming that, “Only a small percentage of the $360 million has been garnered by the Taliban and insurgent groups […] [t]he bulk of the money was lost to profiteering, bribery and extortion by criminals and power brokers.”
Of course this unnamed “senior U.S. military official in Kabul” (an obviously biased and questionable source) “declined to provide a specific breakdown” to support his claims. This official supposedly requested anonymity but his reasoning behind this request, and thus AP’s fulfillment, is questionable at best.
The AP report also manages to throw in the globalist International Crisis Group into the mix, an organization which is completely illegitimate and corrupt.
The ICG is unarguably a group of democracy-manipulating criminals like George Soros who fight to protect imperialism and support the installation of puppet regimes around the globe along with other so-called “human rights” groups.
The ICG continues to paint an inaccurate picture of Afghanistan, calling it a “nexus between criminal enterprises, insurgent networks and corrupt political elites.”
This would be completely accurate if they were referring to the nexus between the United States’ criminal enterprises and Afghan drug lords, the American-founded and supported insurgent networks and the corrupt political elites that include those behind ICG.
However, when the ICG uses this kind of language they are pointing the finger in the opposite direction of the real colonialist criminals behind the madness in the Middle East in order to continue their imperialist crusades which fuel massive corporate profits as well as illicit income streams through the drug trade.
On Monday, the Department of Defense announced that they had already chosen 20 different contractors to replace the former contractor, Host Nation Trucking.
The new transportation contracts amount to up to $983.5 million in taxpayer dollars and they hope the new arrangement will “diminish the risk of money being lost.”
Not surprisingly, there is no mention of deeper investigations into who is actually running these companies and benefiting from the contracts, since it will be the same exact people under a different name.
The report starts to contradict itself when it claims that $1.7 million in payments were given to a warlord controlling convoy security on the roads between Kabul and Kandahar known as “Rohullah” or “Ruhallah” who allegedly ran a typical mafia-style protection racket.
They claim that Rohullah would do battle with the Taliban in protecting convoys and in the same sentence declares that “investigators believe Rohullah moved money to the Taliban when it was in his interest to do so.”
Rohullah and Watan Risk Management, the security company he was linked to, denied ever making any payments to Taliban insurgents.
In a ceremonial move, the United States put Watan Risk Management in “proposed debarment status” which would prevent Watan from receiving new contracts or renewing existing ones.
However, two weeks ago the U.S. signed a deal with Watan stating that they merely cannot bid on mobile security contracts for three years while all of the other companies controlled by the owners of Watan are unaffected.
Clearly the United States has no interest in actually tracking and punishing those who are involved with the insurgents as this would severely infringe on the security of the future of American operations in Afghanistan.
The United States government pretends to be concerned with the fact that Afghan contractors supply the Taliban. Yet, when our own defense contractors do it, it flies under the radar.
If the Taliban was completely eliminated, which they easily could be if this was intended, there would be no justification for our continued presence there and thus billions in profit going into the hands of the war profiteers would cease flowing and this is just unacceptable.
Shockingly, it seems that the United States “authorities” have implicitly said that they did absolutely no screening of contractors, or if they did, it was so incredibly ineffectual that so many contracts were allowed to be given to Taliban-affiliated individuals and other criminals.
General David Petraeus wrote in a September 2010 memo to his commanders, “know those with whom we are contracting” since failure to do so would “unintentionally fuel corruption, finance insurgent organizations, strengthen criminal patronage networks, and undermine our efforts in Afghanistan.”
This shows that they were not keeping close watch over where taxpayer dollars are going, and likely are continuing this practice.
Hundreds of American dollars are flushed down the toilet on a daily basis just to be lodged in the sewer that is the pockets of the criminal elite.
In part two of this series I will cover how the United States controls the manufactured opposition in North America through drug trafficking, gun smuggling and support of rabidly racist groups like La Raza.
Without shining the light on how our so-called government is creating and maintaining enemies in order to keep robbing the American people and transferring wealth to those controlling the corrupt multinational corporations that are tied into Washington in a purely corpora-fascistic system, these disgusting criminals will continue this practice unabated.