VILE: Vatican Illuminati Lies Exposed

VILE: Vatican Illuminati Lies Exposed
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Obama Administration can shut down any blog host and millions of blogs at Will – War on Blogs

Obama Shredding Blogs
Recently I have begun to notice a new sort of visitor to my blog. These visitors are not your regular inquiring minds looking for truth either. These visitors are coming from government networks like our illustrious Department of Homeland Security among others. They seem to be interested in many of my posts and primarily are coming to a recent one I put up about the war against Libya being a plan 30 years in the making. They are also hitting my Obama posts as well. The traffic to my Obama posts is getting more visits from .gov networks than anywhere else. Then today I stumbled on an article about how the Obama Administration can shut down any blog host and millions of blogs along with it at will. Apparently the first amendment no longer exists and anyone questioning the actions of the government is considered to be an enemy of the state. I find this rather ridiculous considering our government has been actively supporting radical Islamic terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda and Hamas in the middle east for quite some time now. My posts about that have gotten several negative comments too like "you shouldn't call out the government for supporting terrorist groups" or my favorite comment "the government is above the law and can support anyone it wishes to protect national security". I guess that now it's legal for members of the government to commit treason and the citizens have no right to speak out about it.

Note: Just because you don’t operate any kind of piracy site DOESN’T mean it won’t effect your innocent little political blog. It WILL effect you too because Obama wants to usher in a World Dictatorship that George W. Bush failed at because he was well hated and without the false messiah Obama everyone would have forcefully thrown Bush out so that’s why Obamas succeeding better then Bush has.
At first I thought it was just domain names the Government can shut down at Will and now without due process they can shut down any blogs they desire under the guise (aka excuse) of stopping Warez and Piracy, even shut down entire blog hosts with literally tens to hundreds of thousands of legitimate blog users without a second thought. This will begin to stifle Online Free Speech, and may mean the death of websites such as Prison Planet, InfoWars, Campaign for Liberty, even USWGO, and will mean the total elimination of alternative media plus ways of freely promoting your website and even the truth altogether.
I tried to warn people that the 9 piracy sites being taken down swiftly is a silent threat of what the Obama Administration will do to truth sites which is already going on by shutting down blog hosts but nobody took me seriously. Will people ever take this dangerous situation to blogs seriously until Prison Planet domain gets seized, until USWGO’s domain gets seized, and until federaljack’s domain gets seized by the Government. Will people then take this false war on piracy which is really a excuse to shut down blogs all over the Internet seriously?
In TorrentFreak (original article here) they have reported that over 73,000 blogs hosted by Blogetery (All are NOT illegal and the Government knows that) have been chopped up and thrown to the wind including the USWGO Syndication Center of Blogetery which means that USWGOS Main pagerank hurt a certain percentage which makes it more impossible to bring out the truth since nobody may even see it, curious viewers will have a harder time finding our truth articles, and has further made it even harder for USWGO to bring out the truth to massive amounts of people without being labeled as a spammer and thrown in a cell block. Although I am planning to dupe the elite controlled pageranking system by just going outside to go across the country and implementing truth posters and truth cards all over American states including Arizona to persuade people to go against the new world order unless something goes wrong like ICE seizes my website using the hate crimes bill. I am risking my domain being seized by the FBI special forces to stop these neo Dictators and now the federal Government has the power to shut down any blog at will and it’s all apart of Obamas cybersecurity powers.
Also Facebook has also as well suspended Alex Jones over the famous “Don’t tread on me!” Yellow Gadsden flag being in his own profile. This means using the crises of warez and all forms of piracy (including porn) they are preparing attacks against not just warez related sites but also using this as a perfect excuse to shake down and take down political websites (Any that is anti-obama or anti-elite) as well. Also during the Bush Administration, the RIAA President and even Alberto Gonzales used child porn and terrorism to attempt to force Net Monitoring and controls which failed because nobody wanted to go along with controlling and Micro managing Everybody online just to stop a small minority of sickos (The elite are sickos as well) which would mean honest/Innocent folks would be completely controlled like robots plus treated like criminals before even committing a crime which goes along with precrime.
Rahm Emanuel stated that “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste” public on TV. So since the Bush Administration failed at convincing ISPs to control the Net under the guise to protect children now Obama is using cybersecurity and putting an end to Piracy forever but by the time hes done with his wreck-less takedowns there won’t be any web hosts left, or even blog hosts. If there will be any left it will all be controlled and constantly moderated by elite teams of people so they WILL kiss Obamas butt then you kiss your blog goodbye.
If Obama has his way under the guise to stopping all piracy, he could shut down all over 200,000 blogs hosted by and end many 9/11 truthers for good since there’s plenty of anti new world order blogs on there. It is wreck-less to take down 73,000 blogs just to stop a minority of piracy or criminal sites that could have easily been taken down individually but it all makes sense to a dictator to use Piracy as an excuse to shut down millions of websites and end the Obama Deception since it exposes his crimes. Just like how they use wanting to use the children (Which in a way is child exploitation for political gain) to control all information and install Chinese style censorship filtering systems run by a tiny elite.
The question is will we let Obama have his way this time, will we let him use Piracy and child exploitation (Just like Bush did) to shut down millions of political blogs (A alternative media blackout) and throw many of us in Interment Camps aka Concentration Camps just for standing up against totalitarian Authority.
It’s as Alex Jones says the Police State isn’t coming it’s already here and we been battling it for decades to prevent the final trigger from being pulled by the treasonous elite. Once the final trigger has been pulled there will be so much bloodshed and massive gathering centers with forced vaccinations plus more horrors.
What we are now seeing isn’t a War on Piracy but it is actually a War On Blogs! Obama will commence this war on the American people for support of and in favor of communism style controls. This is the new War on Terror! even far worse then torture, the naked body scanners or even bans on being allowed to sale pets at pet shops to force everybody to go to the pound.
Crimes and torture will only increase if crimes aren’t being stopped and if Obama is given too much power to freely commit crimes we are screwed.
War on Blogs