VILE: Vatican Illuminati Lies Exposed

VILE: Vatican Illuminati Lies Exposed
Exposing the Vatican Illuminati Globalist conspiracy to bring about a totalitarian fascist new world order in order to enslave humanity.

Friday, September 02, 2011


The African Union (AU) has completely failed and has totally sold-out and forfeited its right to present itself as “the” representative body of the people of the African continent, in its cowardly position to bow down to both the Arab League and NATO; as both of these entities are now backing the ethnic cleansing of Black citizens and Black African migrant workers, in Libya. As with Rwanda, Sudan, and the Congo before, what is taking place in Libya is nothing less than a systematic, targeted killing-spree being perpetrated upon Black African civilians by those same “freedom fighters” (pro-NATO rebels) that this “humanitarian” bombardment of Libya was suppossedly intended to protect.
It is a fact, that at the AU-Committe on Libya meeting held in Pretoria on June 26, 2011, the African Union supported and endorsed the Libyan government’s willingness and desire for a mediated political solution to the U.S. and NATO-backed conflict, and also, “welcomed Colonel Mummar Qaddafi’s commitment to an inclusive dialogue with the participation of the National Transitional Council (NTC) of Libya and his acceptance NOT to be part of the negotiation process…”, according to a report from the AU Peace and Security Council meeting in Addis Ababa on August 26, 2011. This same report goes on to detail the refusal of the NTC to attend scheduled negotiation meetings thereafter, and, in a striking admission of its cowardice and incompetence, blames the continued unwarranted violence and humanitarian crisis in Libya on, “reasons beyond AU’s control”.
While some members of the AU are seemingly content with silently sacrificing off Libya to those whom they know full-well will now thoroughly exploit and politically control Africa’s once most economically-promising nation; history teaches us that the ignored invader of your neighbor in the night, will be at YOUR doorstep in the morning.