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VILE: Vatican Illuminati Lies Exposed
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Sunday, October 02, 2011

George Soros, ACORN, SEIU Are Behind Occupy Wall Street

Update: Warren Buffet, George Soros, Wall Street Elite Support Occupy Wall Street Tax Proposal
Edit: A few of you are saying George Soros was not involved with HSN. I only have one thing to say about that. Damn you are stupid!!!
George Soros just sold out of Hsn:
HSNI Hsn Inc. 2011-06-30 Sold Out 

First of all I want to make it clear that I am totally against Wall Street corruption, Globalism and the New World Order. In principal I support REAL reform of Wall Street and the corrupt government. The NWO elite however are very crafty and I have become increasingly suspicious of the real motivations behind "Occupy Wall Street". As always, I try to get to the bottom of issues and dig into what nearly nobody else wants to. Recently many have suggested that this movement is being funded by the very same global elite that the protestors claim to be against. At first I thought "no way" and "they can't possibly be doing this" but in my investigation I have uncovered evidence that seem to prove my suspicions correct. So let me ask you, is George Soros involved and what is this about? Their website says this is all about combating banking and the financial forces that shape our country, but is there more? It would seems there is. I have discovered some information that suggests Wade Rathke, co-founder of ACORN and SEIU,  announced the Day of Rage on March 25, 2011. I don’t doubt that is true, but haven’t been able to find anything other than someone else quote him – nothing linking to the actual quote. The source for the information seems to come from Canada FreePress. More so I have now discovered new information. It would seem George Soros is connected to the U.S. Day of Rage aka Occupy Wall Street through The Ruckus Society. On the U.S. Day of Rage website. The Ruckus Society receives funding from the Tides Foundation and George Soros' Open Society Institute provides grants to Tides, including a mere $4.2 Million in 2008, the last year figures are available. Several paragraphs down you’ll find more on the hopes for a Robin Hood tax, and rewriting our U.S. Constitution, among other little Marxist dreams, including violence since “fiscal reform” probably won’t do the job.

Occupy Wall Street, planned for September 17th, posted a video of a test run on September 1st. They planned to spend the night on Wall Street. They announce a Second Revolution and chant, “Wall Street is all streets.” Exhilerating! You’ll see police interaction, and the “revolutionaries” are telling police the Constitution of the United States gives them the right to sleep on the sidewalks. But Federal law transcends state law, don’t you know? The other organization’s they show is for the War Resister’s League.  That’s not surprising, Marxism has always been behind peaceniks for a long, long time in America — just like they are behind their anarchists and Islamists.  They don’t want the “bastion of freedom”, America to be either free or a bastion. See Gulag Bound’s category, “Peace Movement Manipulation,” for many articles primarily or secondarily about that.

So we have confirmation of George Soros connections. Surely there is enough of the $4.2 Million for the U.S. Day of Rage, and no doubt more millions have flowed in during the years since 2008. The U.S. Days of Rage (Occupy Wall Street ) agenda is to demand that money be removed from politics, that the U.S. see to it, that in the future, no bank is too big to fail, and to demand that the Federal Reserve no longer be able to “steal our future.” So what will the “occupiers” do about that on standing around on sidewalks?
This is essentially just a loosely knit gathering of sidewalk groups.

WorldNetDaily’s Aaron Klein happened upon a tweet (don’t you love Twitter!), from the account of Alice Khatib, who identifies as being located in Geneva, Switzerland. That led to the website Take the Square where Khatib posted a “Message from The General Assembly of New York City.”
Here are some of her thoughts:
Some of us think that the imposition of a Robin Hood Tax on all financial transactions, tax increases on capital gains, and the reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act are three essential measures to reestablish a minimum of fiscal sanity in the United States and abroad. [Read about the Glass-Steagall act here]
Some of us think that true autonomy and independence cannot be achieved through fiscal reform.
Some of us believe that we ought to reboot the system, rewrite the constitution, recuse a system of government employed by the rich for the rich.
Many of us think that what truly matters at this stage is to create a shared framework which may enable everyone to speak out, be heard, co-evolve and advance with others. If you look through this framework you may not see one defined picture. If you walk through it you will be amazed at the strange world on the other side. It is time to take back our lives. We ask you to join us now in New York City or to start your own General Assembly in your own town.

The Occupiers are hoping for 20,000 in Lower Manhattan, for what is billed a ‘Tahir moment,’ emulating the ‘freedom fighters’ in Cairo who have received no freedom. They are hoping for tents and kitchens to be a part of the sidewalk landscape. “Peaceful barricades” are also planned.
The following is a snippet from Adbusters, addressed to “patriots, rabble-rousers, revolutionaries:”
What if, try as we might, we just can’t come up with only one demand? Well, then maybe we can decide together on an END THE MONIED CORRUPTION OF AMERICA MANIFESTO – a rousing compendium of our most urgent demands. And on the seventh day of our occupation we publicly deliver our manifesto to the White House and to the American media, letting Obama know that we won’t leave Wall Street until he responds.
If thousands of us hang in there day after day, week after week, we may be able to create a spectacular revolutionary experience that fires up the public imagination and eventually maneuvers Obama into doing something that he has so far not had the guts to do: agree to a bold, decisive stroke against the financial corruption of America. Now that would get the American people behind us and cheering us on from coast to coast.
If we can achieve that, the sky will be the limit … further demands will follow and a new America will be born.
On Saturday, our Tahrir moment begins … strength, courage, nonviolence!

So, I believe it is clear Soros is connected to Occupy Wall Street via ACORN, and SEIU (founded by the same man), and you might want to do some more fact checking.  This shows a clear definitive connection to George Soros via the the millions he gives these organizations. Just as he funded Barak Obama's election. Read confirmation of the SEIU connection here.
The best way to oppose the liberal agenda is to support genuine tea party sentiment. The reason is two-fold. Genuine embrace of our nation’s founding principles as expressed by those who genuinely represent the tea party movement are honest interests to cure what ails our fine republic. Rejecting false purveyors of the tea party sentiment as evidenced by pseudo-tea party candidates in the 2010 midterms brings home the point. Most Americans have decided to express a conservative tone realizing a return to our founding principles is the best way forward.

Now all we have to do is separate the wheat from the chaff. Move On types and Soros sympathizers must be dispatched when they try to ‘co-opt’ the tea party movement. We must also remove fake conservatives from the ranks of the tea party. It is the liberal intent to destroy this genuine movement by characterizing it as something it is not. Keep the faith conservatives and be on guard against liberal attempts to disrupt the tea party sentiment. Rather then target the real enemies, the private federal reserve, the organizers of this protest seem hell bent on destroying capitalism and instituting full on Marxist Socialism.


  1. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Didn't Mr. Soros pull all his managed assets out of the markets recently and shut down his billion $$ funds, makes sense if true, pull out then crash the system by inviting patsies...

  2. A few of you are saying George Soros was not involved with HSN. I only have one thing to say about that. Damn you are stupid!!!
    George Soros just sold out of Hsn:
    HSNI Hsn Inc. 2011-06-30 Sold Out


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