VILE: Vatican Illuminati Lies Exposed

VILE: Vatican Illuminati Lies Exposed
Exposing the Vatican Illuminati Globalist conspiracy to bring about a totalitarian fascist new world order in order to enslave humanity.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Max Keiser: WW3 Is On As Wall St. Banks Plunder Economy

The loss of America's AAA credit score has sparked panicked sell-offs on global markets. After several days of concern over whether France would retain its highest status, ratings giants reaffirmed its top billing on Wednesday. But investors remain unconvinced the country's finances are solid enough. Problems in the Eurozone will be up for discussion by the French and German leaders next week

Bye, Bye Social Security, Street Repair and Educations: The War Industry Already Bought Off the Super Congress
Obama Is Implementing Plans For War Throughout the Middle East Created 10 Years Ago by the Neocons

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  1. Good and bad play in the hearts of men all the time. Bad, very much the upper-hand right now, thanks to particularly insipid leadership in the last ten years. But there's good news, and care needs to be taken, not to excessively exaggerate and amplify the power of the negative. It is being recognised and needs now only to be swept away. This our shining, once-in-an-epoch, opportunity to help do just that. People like Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, Micheal Moore, Jesse Ventura, Matt Taibbi, David Shayler, Alex Jones, Lindas Percy, Bhakta Kumar Rai, Alex Jones, Dr Michael Powers, Amy Goodman, Naomi Wolf and many others have lifted themselves onto their feet. You too must pick yourself from the pit and join the host. Be careful who and what you give your attention to. Do not be distracted by the gloomy. There are many working from the black book. Most of those invested heavily in precious metals, seem to be in the doomsday chorus, willing on Armaggedon. Their's is an unhealthy agenda keen on spreading contagion. So too large investment firms and banks, heavily invested in Credit Default Swaps (hedging contracts paying off in default). The military and intelligence communities have long had an interest in killing people and breaking things, and members of America's most powerful fraternities seem also on the doom and gloom express (reference the Georgia Guidestones and anecdoctal evidence on the Bilderberg Group etc). Take this input and discard it as useless. It's beneath you. it's beneath your better self. There are bigger challenges ahead. Boil the times down to essence, and you will find nothing more than the simple (fractal) reflection of the eternal struggle between right and wrong, much the same muchness peddled throughout the eons. This time however, things are very different. A radical reformat is in process. We're a lot smarter. Communication more efficient. Moreover, there's something special in the air, perhaps as there was 2012 years ago. This then, an exquisite chance to ignore the archaic cynicism, pessimism and despondency that plagues mankind. Though the mood and influence is particularly sour and depressing now, have faith in cycles, in the power of good in mankind's heart, and that this is the darkness before the dawn. The end of the degenerate age (Kali Yuga) is with us. We've drifted far from our source, our light, our inspiration, but the police jackboot is waning. The dominance of architypal Alpha-males is coming to a close. The veil is lifted, the Dick Cheney's of the world seen for what they are. Weather will teach us how to get along with each other. In the meantime, laugh (compassionately) at the despots. Joke with the bullies. Do not submit to the darkness. Dance around the barricades, colour black with the palette of delight. Hail your oppressor as your brother, turn your back on those who would have fear dominate your heart. Get on board the evolution express, and throw away your old baggage. You won't need it. Remember, daylight is love.


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